• Standard Soft Filing System

    Each department has its own standard filing system for all drawings, calculations, etc. The filing trees are displayed prominently at the workstations of each department. This ensures that no matter which person is looking for information, he will always know where it is stored, irrespective of whether he has been handling the project or not. This also ensures that even if a new person joins the organization, he/she will easily be able to find the relevant information that is needed.

  • Standard Forms for Technical Calculations

    Colour coded forms have been prepared for technical calculations. The colour coding ensure that the correct data is filled into the correct slots thereby minimizing the possibility of mistakes & also reducing the time taken for calculations.

  • Code Compliance

    We at AEC design keeping into account the relevant codes and ensure compliance with same. In order to ensure the same, a number of checklists have been made to ensure that the relevant codes are accounted for while making the design.

  • Execution & Co-Ordination Checklist

    A number of checklists are used to ensure that the project is executed smoothly & without missing any steps or making any errors.

  • Squad Checks

    A system of Squad checks is in place to ensure that any change in one service does not go un-noticed by another.

  • Ethical Business Practices

    We at AEC do not use any pirated software, whether it is a Windows OS or whether it is AutoCAD. Our business is conducted with the highest standards of ethics.

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